Health Advice


As we all know, preventing a disease is much easier than treating a disease.  It is very important to adopt healthier habits from the beginning.  The key to a better and healthier life is to know what foods to eat and avoid the foods that might me harmful.  Also, exercise plays a great role in keeping one’s mind and body healthy.  We have created this page to give our visitors some useful advice to help preserve well being.

  • Wash your hands frequently

  • Buy organic foods as much as possible

  • Use stairs at work instead of the elevator

  • Avoid using household chemicals cleaners, use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide instead

  • Eat breakfast

  • Don’t eat after 8 PM

  • Do not smoke, avoid or greatly reduce alcohol intake

  • Avoid fried foods, switch to baked clams

  • Eat lean cuts of meat with fat trimmed  and poultry without skin

  • Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet

  • Read food labels, avoid food with chemicals additives and preserves

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables with vinegar and water

  • Add vitamins and minerals to your diet

  • Avoid fast food dining out

  • Exercise regularly, build your way up to 30 minutes of exercise each day

  • Fast to detoxify your body periodically

  • Avoid stress

  • Avoid cooking in Teflon or aluminum use stainless steel and cast iron pots instead